7 May, 2006

  1. extend MDL to be able to include loops, conditions, methods to apply conversion and sub-object mappings
  2. extend MDL to be set document from and to definitions

15 August, 2005

  1. add tests for compilation errors (mapping definition script syntax errors)
  2. add mapping to another, existing, object. Requires to extend the MappingExpert interface:
        MappingExpert.map(Object from, Object to);
        MappingExpert.map(String category, Object from, Object to);
  3. add merge mappings to objects, beeing able to do expert.map(a, to); expert.map(b, to);
  4. add merge mappings to XML
  5. add optimize compilation option to MDL/MDS compile, limiting to static type
  6. enhance XML mapping to support more complex structures
    field -> tag1.tag2.fieldTag
  7. extend mapping defintion language to support wildcard specification
        Class -> class
        Class -> class
            f* -> element*
        Class -> class
  8. add mapping to CSV files
  9. add reverse mapping
  10. research for Swing mapping...